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GARDENS Have a Wonderful Power to HEAL

HOW the gardens you install can boost nature’s life-affirming benefits.

As busy as you are in your day-to-day worlds, I’m not sure how important the concept of gardens are to most of you–at least in terms of being a service offering.
I don’t often hear the word “garden” used when talking with landscape contractors or green industry pros, although admittedly I might be splitting semantic hairs.

Landscape’s Healing Powers
There is a pattern of evidence that suggests that well-designed gardens can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relax people .There is also research that shows experiencing nature and looking at gardens reduces pain. Nature seems to reduce pain by blocking stress and reducing the extent to which patients focus on themselves and their discomfort.
Not only do healing gardens benefit patients in hospitals etc by reducing the amount of time they remain in a facility, lowering their stress and reducing the amount of medication their require, they also benefit hospitals and other care-giving facilities in that they result in faster bed turnover, more positive patient outcomes and less infection.

Things to consider when designing a healing garden:
• Know your patients (Alzheimer’s patients, stroke victims, etc.)
• A place for quiet conversations or private moments contemplate or cry
• A place to de-stress
• Movable chairs
• A place for horticultural therapy
• A place for gathering
• A place to experience nature
• Signage
• Fragrant plants with identification tags
• Sound (moving water, birds, etc.)
• Touch (plants, textures, water)
• Shelter

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