Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Builders Clean

We understand that large projects require expertise beyond that of your ordinary cleaning provider. Supplied Services has a dedicated team of experienced personnel who are able to tackle jobs of all sizes.


We offer a long-term cleaning solution that works with your business, not against it, and have dozens of builders who can vouch for our reliability and flexibility.

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie builders clean

We offer three services:

Pre-build Clean

An intensive initial clean designed to bring a construction site to the required safety standards and ensure that the area is ready for work. A pre-build clean should ideally always be undertaken and is highly recommended by Supplied Property Maintenance, especially in the case of larger building projects.

Builders Clean (or Progressive Clean)

This is the most common service that we offer to the construction sector. It serves to extract dust and rubbish that has accumulated on the site during the building phases. Most of the time, this service is undertaken during the final month or when no major construction work is expected to occur. With a progressive clean we work closely with site management to reduce the overall effective cost and increasing the efficiency of a handover.

Final clean

This is often executed after a builders clean and is designed to ensure that a property is ready for tenants to move in. Even though it is not always necessary, a final clean will often prove to be worthwhile. The main objective of this service is to ensure that the property is portrayed in the best possible light for potential clients.


Our work is supported by Pegasus. To be part of this contractor management system, each member must meet a high level of requirements concerning safety and procedure. To be accepted into the system gives an assurance of the safety and quality of Supplied’s work.